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Problem Horses

Helping Problem Horses
We are happy to help with problem horses and can visit you at your own premises if you are unable to travel to us.

Most owners will want to be able to handle the problem themselves in the future and we will provide you with the help you need to do this.

When we come to visit we will:
  • Talk with you about the problem
  • Meet your horse and listen to what he says too!
  • Discuss possible solutions with you
  • Work with your horse and help you to work with him too
  • Provide you with an accurate cost for on-going training
  • Provide written guidelines for you to follow if applicable
  • Support you in tackling the problem yourself.
Understanding Horse Behaviour.  Loading is one of the most common problems for horses and horse owners.

5 Great Tips for Catching Your Horse

1.  Use a small area so that your horse can get away if he feels worried but is close enough for you to continue to influence him.
2.  If your horse chooses to leave you, help him to go by sending some energy towards him.

3.  Stepping backwards away from your horse will help to draw him to you.
Change your horse's expectation - catch him, perhaps give him a treat, and let him go again.
4.  Don't sneak around with the halter behind your back!  Walk into the field with the halter, catch him, put the halter on, give him a treat and let him go again.
5.  Be patient, it may take time to help your horse become more confident.

Do you need help with a problem horse?

The most common problems include: catching, leading, loading, bucking, rearing and spooking as well as fear of things such as ropes, plastic bags, rugs and tarpaulins.

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Understanding Horse Behaviour. Problem horses and their owners can be helped with natural horsemanship training.