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Natural Horsemanship

What is Natural Horsemanship?

Natural Horsemanship is the term used by lots of people these days to describe a certain way of working with horses.  Many people associate natural horsemanship with specific trainers such as Monty Roberts or Pat & Linda Parelli and all three have undoubtedly worked hard to promote their training programmes. 

There are other names for 'natural horsemanship' too:  Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship, Silversand Horsemanship, Intelligent Horsemanship, Gentle Horsemanship and Positive Horsemanship to name but a few.

Some natural horsemanship practitioners will tell you that their way is the best and that you should only work on their programme.  Others will suggest that you look around and take what you can from a number of different horsemanship trainers.
Horsemanship is really about being able to listen to what the horse is telling you and working with your horse to help him understand what you'd like him to do. 
It's about the relationship that develops between a horse and his handler, about trust and mutual respect and most of all - it's about listening to your horse!

Understand Your Horse. Natural Horsemanship helps problem horses like Kitkat learn to trust their handler

fun4ponies - a great way to learn about ponies and pony behaviour with online lessons, games and free pony forum.
Natural Horsemanship for Kids
Fun4ponies.com is one of the fastest growing pony websites on the internet and is available FREE for children to learn about ponies and pony behaviour with online pony lessons, pony activities and games.  
Sometimes called parelli4kids and based on natural horsemanship skills, fun4ponies has an online pony forum where members can add pony stories, write pony poems, ask pony questions and even write their own pony blog.  There is a gallery to upload pony pictures and lots of friendly advice from people all around the world!  JOIN NOW!
Me & My Horse

As his hooves pounded on the ground
That's when I found
This is where I want to be
My horse and me

Forever together
Together forever

That's where I want to be
My horse and me

This lovely poem was written by fun4ponies member LoveHorses-x and will be featured in the next fun4ponies book "Understanding Pony Signals".

Understand Your Horse.  Natural horsemanship is great for helping problem horses to trust their handler
Natural Horsemanship means using a rope halter and a western saddle doesn't it?
My Teacher - the Horse!

You can improve your own horsemanship by taking more notice of what it is that your horse is trying to tell you, by putting the horse first, thinking about life from the horse's point of view and making things as easy as you can for the horse to understand.

Good horsemanship has nothing to do with what type of tack you use or whether you ride western or english.  It has everything to do with who you are as a person!

Some Great Horsemen

Buck Brannaman
Ray Hunt
Tom Dorrance
Joe Wohler
Jim Neubert
Steve Halfpenny
Philip Nye
Mark Rashid

Natural Horsemanship Trainers

Do you know of good natural horsemanship trainers or equine behaviourists?

Let us know about them and we'll add them to the site so that others can learn more too!

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