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EAQ Equine Assisted Learning

EAQ Equine Assisted Learning & Qualifications

EAQ is our equine assisted learning and qualifications section which is approved by the National Open College Network. 
EAQ provide equine assisted learning and qualifications to:
company directors and business owners
managers and team leaders
14-16 year olds who have been truanting or excluded from school
team leaders
offenders in prison.

EAQ providing equine assisted learning and qualifications.

Become an Approved EAQ Centre

Would you like to get involved with this growing area of equine assisted learning?
We are looking to expand our network of EAQ Centres and are interested in hearing from you if you think that you would like to join us in providing equine assisted learning and qualifications in your area.
You can find out more about EAQ when you visit our website or use the contact form to get in touch.

Why use Horses to Help People?
People often send out mixed messages - they will say one thing but their body language says something different.  When horses interact with people they don't notice these mixed messages because they only work with the non-verbal signals
Horses can help with topics such as:
  • anger management
  • non-verbal communication
  • self esteem and self confidence
  • team building
  • problem solving
  • energy management

You can click on the picture to visit equineassistedqualifications.com

Understanding Horse Behaviour. Horses and people can build a great relationship using natural horsemanship.

Increasing self esteem and building self confidence is important for children too.  We work with children who have home-schooling, those who have been excluded from school and those with special needs as well as teenagers, young offenders and others from disadvantaged groups.

Click here to visit EAQ - providing Equine Assisted Learning and Qualifications

EAQ are looking for people who are experienced with horses to join the team of trainers and assessors.  
EAQ provide equine assisted learning programmes and qualifications, accredited by the National Open College Network, and are working with young people, offenders and corporate clients througout the UK and in Australia.

If you think that you have the skills we need, then we'd be delighted to hear from you. 

Visit the EAQ website or click on the picture to contact us today!

Join EAQ as a Trainer or Assessor.

Click here to find out how to become a trainer or assessor.